Bitplaces at Wincor World: Geofencing and Location-Based Services in Action!

Bitplaces supports this year’s Wincor World in Rheda-Wiedenbrück by providing innovative solutions for location-based messaging. Wincor World is one of the most renowned trade shows for the banking and retail industry. Its focus this year is on ground breaking IT solutions and service offerings for the retail and banking sector.

Bitplaces develops software solutions for mobile targeted marketing and analytics. Bitplaces combines geofencing and location-based services (LBS) with a powerful cloud-platform for companies seeking an efficient, app-based dialogue with their customers.

The Bitplaces outdoor solution allows for targeting customers at points of interest and guiding them to the point of sale by differentiated mobile marketing campaigns. For customer navigation and communication inside the store, Bitplaces provides indoor marketing instruments based on the BLE/iBeacon technology. Biplaces’ analytics allows for a dynamic evaluation and optimization of the location-based marketing mix, ensuring continuous customer learning.

Attendants of Wincor World can test the Bitplaces solutions by downloading the Wincor World App.

During the download, the system will ask for permission to use location-based information. The app uses the GPS data of the mobile device to locate the user within a defined geofence. Within the geofence, a user is anonymous, outside the geofence he cannot be detected; user privacy is protected at all times. When a user reaches a virtual Info-Point, he will get useful information sent on his mobile device: travel details, schedule changes, etc. The number of messages is intentionally limited to not clutter the user’s inbox. An integrated networking-tool helps finding potential business partners and coordinating meetings.

Would you like to explore how Bitplaces’ mobile location-based messaging solutions can help growing your customer base? Meet us at Wincor World, or call us: 030 69 20 67 330.

Invest 3 minutes 37 to get a first overview on our location-based solutions and watch our new video: www.bitplaces.com