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What we do


    Your messages are triggered by the user’s current location and pushed to his smartphone as active notifications.


    Customer communication within buildings by means of sensors or app-beacons, which let your products interact with your customers.


    We bring web analytics to the real world. How many users enter your Bitplaces at which points in time, how long do they stay, how is their reaction to your messages, and much more.


    Create your own Bitplaces intuitively via our cloud management, generate messages and define rules for accurately targeted notifications. See the effectiveness of your campaigns at a glance and react to customer behavior at once.

    service api

    Bitplaces is a white label solution, in which you can also integrate your own notification formats through our API, such as QR-codes, mobile coupons, or feedback surveys.


    Our SDK lets you integrate the Bitplaces-solution into your app seamlessly. We expand the functionality of your app by localization methods, which protect your users’ privacy, regulated by you through our cloud management.

Location-Based Outdoor Marketing

Geofencing lets you determine the exact locations and context parameters for your mobile campaigns. Through our partner-eco-system your app’s reach is elevated considerably.

You address a variety of new and existing customers in the right place at the right time – exactly when their interest is at its peak – so you can lead them directly into your store.

Location-Based Indoor Marketing

BLE Beacons let you address your customers differentiatedly and depending on the exact micro-location within your store. You accompany your customers with tailored messages on their individual journeys from product to product in your store.

You receive extensive feedback as to your store-arrangement, your offers, and your customers’ preferences.

Customer Analytics

Bitplaces Analytics gives you a profound understanding of your customers’ behaviors. How many customers enter your Bitplaces at which times, for how long do they stay there, how do they react to your messages, and much more.

Combining outdoor and indoor marketing, your get a holistic picture of the relevant customer behavior at locations, which are of significance to you.

Privacy Awareness

Geofencing and Beacons protect the privacy of your customers and app users – outside the sphere of interest every user is invisible to the system and remains pseudonymous inside of it.

Watch how Bitplaces works!



    Bitplaces provided local information by Berlin-experts, such as Marco Polo, Via Reisen, and Qiez in Gelbe Seiten’s festival-partner app ADDF, enriching the app’s functionality for everyone participating in this spectacular music event on the roofs of Berlin.

    The location-based notifications consisted of situation-specific messages and of geobased information around the festival’s event locations.



    Bitplaces supported the Wincor World trade fair in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany, with innovative location-based solutions.

    The Wincor World is one of the most renowned specialized fairs for the banking and retail sectors, presenting innovative IT-solutions and service offers for the chain store business.



    The popular and high-range Gelbe Seiten (German Yellow Pages) is via their multiple apps one of the pioneers of successful location-based customer communication.

    In cooperation with Bitplaces Gelbe Seiten did not only detect the advantages of accurately targeted marketing campaigns, the publishing group also enriched their content by intersectoral partnerships and new advertising formats.



    Kaiser’s Tengelmann is a successful German retail chain with around 500 branches in its core regions Nordrhein, München/Oberbayern and Berlin & surroundings.

    In Berlin the location-based communication approach with interesting and innovatively communicated offers adds to a branch-wide increase of customer frequency.



    The T-Shops are famous for their innovative products, which is why location-based marketing naturally guides more customers into the T-Shops.

    For T-Shop branches all across Germany central campaigns with attractive offers for high-end products are realized through the Bitplaces technology.


Add value into your app and transform it into a powerful communication instrument


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