Enhancing user experience with mobile apps while protecting user privacy and increasing ROI

Now available in the US, Berlin-based Bitplaces launches next generation software suite for mobile-targeted marketing and process automation

Berlin, May 21, 2013 – For businesses that want to make their mobile apps more useful to end users and increase their return on their marketing investment (ROI) – while still protecting the privacy of their customers — Bitplace introduces the Bitplace product suite to US companies.

Combining geofencing (a layer of intelligence that allows people to make decisions or take some action based on a geographical area) with location-based services managed via a simple cloud interface, Bitplaces offers marketers a white label solution that can be integrated quickly and easily into a business’ mobile app.

Previously available only in Germany, a country known for its strict privacy regulations, Bitplaces enhances mobile apps with user-specific services that increase the marketing ROI via pro-active and location-based service provision. The app user can, for example, receive location-based information and messages in line with his geographical, content and time preferences. Bitplaces automatically anonymizes all data received and instantly deletes even the anonymous data after all interactions.

“Every smartphone and tablet carries a wide range of apps, very few of which get used intensively. The more practical value a mobile app can offer the user pro-actively, the more often the app user will use that app,” said Dr. Behrend Freese, one of the founders and managing directors of Bitplace. “Only now, with the increasing number of smartphones, high-speed mobile internet connectivity and the capability to set global geofences via a cloud platform, can the full potential of these location-based services be realized, while still meeting the demands for data protection and user privacy.”

Location-as-a-Service improves dialogue with app-users
The Bitplaces location-as-a-service platform can be integrated into an existing IT environment, turning a smartphone app into an efficient, yet private, location-based marketing tool. The app-user’s privacy is protected using reliable and secure geotracking processes. The Bitplaces location-as-a-service platform is of particular interest to companies who wish to use a mobile app for improving customer relationships — whether to improve service via a large number of individualized messages – e.g. at railway stations or airports – or to make a variety of different offers at many diverse locations, customized for the respective app user.

The Bitplaces product suite
An innovative cloud platform and white labeling library is the gateway to all bitplaces products and, at the same time, the control mechanism.

  • bitplaces Location Manager creates, administers and links locations with individual services via a simple web interface. The locations may vary in size and are defined via a geofence. Users can be selected and targeted specifically based on geography, time or content.
  • bitplaces Messaging is a user-friendly messaging interface. Messages can be delivered either when entering or leaving a location or after a defined length of stay at that location. Delivery may be a push message in alert mode or a semi-push message in the background.
  • bitplaces Channels collates business location themes or interests, which might be subscribed to by the app user. Simultaneously, bitplaces Channels administers multiple locations.
  • bitplaces Analytics provides methods of analysis which give direct feedback on messages and mobile services. bitplaces Analytics enables an optimization of processes and marketing activities.
  • Bitplaces Services API – for additional campaigns at a location: e.g. a ticket that should be shown when entering the railway station, a request for feedback when leaving a store, or an invitation to all the people in a football stadium to participate in a vote.
  • With the bitplaces Software Development Kit (SDK), localization techniques are integrated which protect the users’ privacy. At the same time, the user can proactively receive push messages in alert mode, as well as collect semi-push messages in the background and be notified via an app counter as soon as new messages arrive.

Pricing and availability
Bitplaces is available now for testing for businesses world-wide at Pricing starts at $175 for one account. Contact Bitplaces at

Bitplaces GmbH
Berlin-based Bitplaces GmbH was founded in 2011. Bitplaces develops next generation solutions for location-based services and geofencing for targeted marketing and process automation. The Bitplaces Location-as-a-Service platform seizes the opportunities afforded by location-based services for companies who wish to utilize an app for their customer dialogue.

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