Mobile intelligence platform

With our cloud management you build your own Bitplaces intuitively, create messages and defining the proper rules for an accurately targeted customer communication. You see the effectiveness of your campaigns at one glance and are able to react instantly to your customers’ behaviour.

Using our interface, you can easily create your own indoor and outdoor Bitplaces, calibrate perimeters and exact positions and relate your locations with each other. At interesting places you set marketing Bitplaces which lead the user to your points of sale with the proper messages. There you continue the communication and actively accompany your customers’ journeys inside of your shop.

Equally intuitive are the creation and design of your messages with our cloud management. With regards to content you can take your users’ preferences into account, in order to address the respective target groups with the messages that best correspond to their actual interests. In addition, you have multiple formats, templates, and delivery rules at your disposal, so that you can design contextually and situationally fitting campaigns outdoors as well as indoors.

The analytics section of our cloud management visualises your campaigns and allows you to evaluate them instantly with the proper KPIs. Not only do you receive information about how many users have visited your Bitplaces at what times on which paths and how many of those have read your messages, but above all you can take advantage of location-intelligent insights into customer behaviour.

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Bitplaces SDK

Bitplaces offers a solution to business customers to easily and quickly integrate location-dependent services into their own smartphone app. Based on geofencing, the patent pending technology of the Location-as-a-Service Platform allows to address users at predefined places with different messaging services or to provide other customized services.

With the Bitplaces Software Development Kit (SDK) you integrate a localization technique that protects the privacy of your users. At the same time, the user can proactively receive push messages in alert mode, as well as collect semi-push messages in the background and be notified via an app counter as soon as new messages arrive.

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The Bitplaces Toolbox is ideal for all who want to use the Bitplaces SDK for their own smartphone apps. It simplifies the integration, transfers the basic principles of LBS technology into the app in a standardise way and provides numerous options for messages to the users.

The toolbox enables your apps in a very short time to provedelocation-based services. For this, the following tools are included: privacy-compliant opt-in screens, a campaign inbox with different display options, various message options and map visualisations of the closest shop including a navigation function. This allows you to take full advantage of the interaction with the user and to streamline the app perfectly with the Bitplaces Mobile Intelligence Platform. All tools can be adapted according to customer requirements.

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Bitplaces API

The Bitplaces Mobile Intelligence Platform is based on Open APIs that allow you to integrate your own CRM system or user interface via our API.

To our business partners, we offer the respective interfaces for connecting their own systems to our platform.

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Location Based Advertising with Bitplaces stands for the location based communication with your customers via the Bitplaces App Network. In addition, we design the optimal campaign for you, which also includes active campaign management and continuous monitoring.

What differentiates us:

  • Geofence based addressing of potential customers via push and in-app notification.
  • Segmentation of your target audience based on behavior patterns
  • Cross-media conversion measurement (for example, subsequent visit to POS including length of stay)

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