The Bitplaces solution provides retailers with the opportunity to reach app users in a targeted location-basewd way, in order to broaden their client base and positively influence buying behavior of existing customers. Messages triggered by Bitplaces (or through a combination of locations) help smartphone users to be guided directly to the shop. In doing so, customers can be addressed in a variety of differentiated manners, such as depending on whether they are in the vicinity of the respective location for the first or the tenth time or whether they pass by in the morning or in the afternoon. A customer group, which you initially addressed in a football stadium for example, can receive a different offer once they come close to your branch than customers, which came directly to your shop. Mobile coupons, QR codes, and after sale surveys are only some of the possible formats of location-based mobile customer communication. In addition to the outdoor approach, the indoor segment of the Bitplaces solution enables retailers to communicate with their customers inside of their shops via smartphone, depending on where exactly they are located within the branch. As a result, retailers can actively accompany their clients on their individual journeys through the shop with location- and situation-specific information and offers. The Bitplaces solution not only enables direct marketing and promotion but also gives the retailer feedback and insights with respect to your store arrangement, the effect of your offers, your product combination possibilities, and your customers’ purchasing preferences.

Retail networks

With Bitplaces each of your branches can create their own campaigns fitting to their particular local circumstances and addressing their customers location- time-, and content-based. This allows branches to conduct their own individual campaigns and tailor them according to their region, local apps and customer groups. At the same time, you maintain control at headquarters, being able to lead company-wide campaigns and also limit the extent of your branches’ authorities regionally, inspect their individual campaigns, and evaluate them centrally. With our SDK you can integrate the Bitplaces solution in all of your apps as easily as you can tie your CRM systems to it via our API interface. Your retail or partner network can thereby make use of individual, location-based targeted marketing without preliminary lead time and reach customers geographically - also internationally - in a very differentiated and tailored manner. Our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure enables the creation of a partner eco system, which can bring together the content of multiple partner apps, thus scaling their individual reach considerably.


For publishers the Bitplaces solution offers the possibility to generate content flexibly per location and to optimize the efficiency of advertising messages through hyperlocality. When a customer enters a particular place, the app can proactively provide useful information tailored to the specific location the user is in. This in turn increases the app’s return on investment (ROI) due to a more frequent app utilization and more relevant, locally customized content. It makes sense for publishers to combine an existing app with interesting content from other providers and deliver it in a highly targeted way. In doing so, new partnerships and advertising strategies can be implemented easily. At the same time, the app user has the benefit of being notified when interesting information and offers are nearby, which he would have possibly overlooked, even though they might be in his immediate proximity.

Trade shows

Trade show visitors can already be welcomed at train stations or airports and receive all necessary information around their visit. You can communicate transportation, food and lodging options even before the actual event and provide further interesting preliminary information concerning the show’s location. As soon as the visitor arrives at the show, you can welcome them, make all up-to-date information and recommendations available, and accompany them through the show. In doing so, you can indicate booths which suit their specific interests, and guide them actively from booth to booth based on their current location. The trade show organisers, in turn, receive a significant feedback about visitors’ routes and preferences.